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Nana Abeiku Sackey

Founder & ceo

Deepcomputers has become one of the dominant Information Technology providers in Ghana with a unique expertise in enterprise solutions, IT project management, Security Solutions, networking solutions, At Deepcomputers “We will maintain a total commitment to quality: in our products and service and in everything we do: and this will be recognized as outstanding by our customers and partners Our range of seervices include industry specific, Computer Hardware, Intra- and Inter-Networking and Systems Integration, Power Supply and Environmental Control and associated services, CCTV Solutions and Security Services, Office Equipment and General Furniture Supplies and much more computer and networking related works. Deepcomgh offers multi-broadcast services in specialised areas of Satellite TV (DTH), Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT), Online TV (IPTH) and RADIO transmission/broadcast. Media 7 Network comprises of the most accomplished technology savvies with the passion to ensure that its broadcasting solutions on satellite, digital terrestrial network and online applications have the total benefits of today’s multimedia and technology. Deepcomgh has positioned itself strategically with state of the art scalable multimedia platforms that enable its broadcasting operations to transmit Audio/Video channels in SD, HD, FULL HD, UHD 4k and 8k across continents. At Deepcomgh we say television is to tell-a-vision and we understand what it takes to assist with the right expertise for a sustainable and successful implementation of broadcast vision..