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At Deepcomgh, we offer the right services as per the capabilities of our infrastructure or technology. Satellite transmission has been in existence for decades serving as one of the most reliable means of connecting and transporting data, video and audio media. Satellite technology and its infrastructure have proven beyond reasonable doubt their reliability and efficiency for all sectors of the industry. The financial,energy, educational, agricultural, electronic, media and health institutions deploy it as one of their fundamental structures for operations. In view of this,Deepcomgh has dedicated valuable time to understanding how satellite transmissions can benefit the service of multimedia broadcast in today’s new media millennium..

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Communities will always want to gather and share their belief systems and culture. Terrestrial television is one of the tools that bring communities together. For this reason, Deepcomgh has mastered how to setup and configure terrestrial broadcast services to improve society agendas. Deepcomgh has therefore formed a strategic partnership with a renowned entity that majors in terrestrial broadcast to deliver such services.

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Deepcomgh believes that a strong presence on the digital space market promotes great profit margins. Broadcasting on influencial social media platforms and driving traffic to your own controlled digital space for the consumption of customised contents is the key to sustain the success of your business. Our online broadcast includes; IPTV. OTT AND OTH. These three forms of mainstream broadcast of television and radio services through our partner portals and platforms are designed to serve all digital space lovers. As obvious,the digital space is controlling the trends of lifestyle in today's media communities. These trends are acquired more through the broadcast of media contents. In view of this,we broadcast on reliable connectivities online with compelling contents.

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Deepcomgh defines multimedia as the combination of different media contents such as pictures, videos, sounds, text to communicate the same message in diverse ways. Communication is so vital that we at Media 7 ensure that every communique through the diverse means of media is done with professional perfection to achieve its purpose. The pictures and videos must not be compromised,as well as the sounds and the texts. We at Media 7 create with diverse innovations using the most advanced technologies of today's media. At Media 7, multimedia compositions are complementary added value services to our main transmissions and broadcast packages. The media group of Media 7 are specialists in the field of composing videos and pictures as well as sounds with the aim of projecting the realistic and creative aim of a broadcast.

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IT solution provider

Deepcomputer also offers technological, engineering and specializes in IT, Security, Controls and Instrumentation, and Fibre optic solutions. Our services include consultancy, installation, and maintenance of new and existing infrastructure. With a client base that spans over a broad range of industries including oil and gas, financial services, commercial, manufacturing, telecom, mining and government. At Deepcomputer we dish out expert advice which delights clients by maximizing IT performance and reducing operational costs. Why buy when you can simply use? Our pay-as-you-grow solutions requires zero initial investments on your part. And no lock-in. Servers, Networking, SAN, Software, Power, Desktop Printers, Cables, Phones, Controls, Field Instrument devices, Electrical supplies. Business SLA. 24/7 coverage, hardware support, preventive maintenance, break & fix, remote support, onsite resources. Calibrations, Electrical & Instrumentation and workforce for oil & gas industry. Fiber optic installations.

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